Our Story

Maverick’s RV Rentals LLC started in 2020, the year I think we can all unanimously agree was the worst in quite some time. This originally started as a hobby, Gabby wanted to get an RV to travel in on the weekends, and honestly, I was not about it at first. The idea of adding more to our bills was not appealing. She fInally convinced me by telling me to rent it out when we’re not using it. Now, this was very appealing to me because I had been wanting to get into real estate, and short term rentals for a while now, so it was like a mesh of what we both wanted.

At first, we furnished it with everything we’d want for our trips, took a few pictures, created a listing on Outdoorsy and RVshare just to see what Would happen, not really expecting much. It was a bit slow at first, starting in March of 2020, right in the heart of companies sending their workforce home, among all the changes that were about to come. For 2 months, it was slow, like dead slow, then in May, it started to take off, the season was coming into full swing, and we were getting into a nice groove. We both really enjoyed it, and kept thinking that “if only we had more RVs, we could make this into something”.

Soon after that thought, my mom called me and asked if I would be willing to rent out her RV when she moves into her house since she doesn’t really know what to do with it otherwise. I said absolutely! From that sparked the idea that more people might be in similar situations, so I started asking around to anyone with an RV I could find to see if they’d be interested. After a lot of rejections, we got lucky with our first consignment. That one gave us the confidence to keep looking. After a few months, we’re up to 7 RVs and counting, 6 of which are consigned with private owners.

That’s it! That’s the story, and we’re looking to add to it every day!

We look forward to your next adventure!


A bit about the pictures you see

All the pictures you’ll see on this website are taken personally by us, mainly by our phones. We’re telling you this because we feel that it’s more genuine than a bunch of stock photos. These are real places we’ve been, real people, our own animals, our own adventures and experiences. We want to share these with y’all in the hope that they might connect with you on a deeper level.

We hope y’all enjoy!